To defect and deceive, police

To defect and deceive, police skipping out on work to go to EFF rallies

The EFF seems to think it fine for police officers to ‘skip school’ and go to EFF strikes; but where does that leave those of us not fortunate enough to have officers at our rallies?

To defect and deceive, police

What do we do when the very police officers meant to protect us, are throwing stones and setting tires on fire in angry protest. The men and women meant to keep a cool head and control the crazed masses, suddenly becoming exactly that which they swore to protect us from? Well, it seems the EFF are all too happy for that to happen.

According to the Gauteng Police, one such example of utter discipline and devotion to the well-being of the general population is Moses (ironically) Sako. This fella booked a day off by telling his commanding officer that he had to take his sick child to the doctor. The truth, however, is that he was at an EFF rally burning tires in front of the Alexandra Magistrate’s court.

Unfortunately, Moses was identified by his own colleagues – who were dispatched to quell the protest –  and subsequently fired. Now the EFF want to take the Police to… wait for it, court, for firing the miscreant.

Police Brigadier Neville Malila, however, will have none of it.”We cannot be actively involved in politics or be seen to be members of a particular party,” said Malila.