Mark Kingon

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Tito Mboweni extends Mark Kingon’s tenure as SARS commissioner

A welcomed announcement.

Mark Kingon

(ENCA / Screenshot)

It seems, although faintly, that the South African Revenue Services (SARS) frontier is upon us as the tides change. Tito Mboweni, the Minister of Finance has revealed that Mark Kingon is to remain the SARS commissioner, in an acting capacity, for another 90 days.

Tito Mboweni gives Mark Kingon more time at SARS

It has been eight months since Kingon took over the sinking ship. President Ramaphosa was compelled to suspend the now-former commissioner, Tom Moyane in March after it was alleged that he had been involved in the maladministration and the financial doom that took place at the revenue services agency.

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This, for Kingon has been nothing but a constant fixing of the mess that was left by Moyane. However, as it appears, he has been hands on, managing the financial crisis and the instilling of accountability in the form of the Nugent commission as well as the internal disciplinary process that is yet to take off.

The Kingon effect

Coming into this job, he made it abundantly clear what his immediate objective was.

“I really want to be transparent. I don’t want to hide things. Let’s focus on our mandate of revenue collection. Let’s not deal with the peripheral issues that are out there. All I do is what’s right,”

he said in an interview with the Financial Mail.

The peripheral issues are the fixation right now, however, because it can’t be ignored how brazen of a decision this is from the Ministry of Finance.

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Moyane drama looming

Moyane recently lost an application at the North Gauteng High Court to have Ramaphosa’s decision of firing him overturned.

He has made it clear that he is taking the matter to the highest court on the land. However, on the other end, Kingon has just been giving more time in the position, with the possibility of a further extension.

Nonetheless, the decision does restore a bit of confidence in that the tide really is turning at the revenue-collecting service.