nuclear energy

Three reasons South Africa’s nuclear power expansion is making experts nervous

Energy minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson has announced that South Africa will start its nuclear energy expansion as soon as this year, with a total of six new nuclear power plants to be built; but some might think this foolish.

nuclear energy

So, while the entire world went nuts about our alleged deal with Russia to supply us with nuclear thingamadoodles, turns out South Korea, France and a few other countries are also in on the deal, so calm your tits.

Well, don’t calm them all the way down, because we’ve got much bigger problems than Russians supplying us with shitty hardware. MyBroadband reported that International monitors and experts have flagged a couple of issues surrounding our nuclear build and we’ve added some of our own.

Skills shortage

The World Association of Nuclear Operators found that the quality and capacity of senior staff members at Koeberg was sub-standard and that we simply don’t have enough skilled people to man more power stations… as we can hardly properly run the one we have.

Nuclear preparedness

The  International Atomic Energy Agency found that south Africa’s capacity to deal with a nuclear disaster is sitting at around 40%, yeah, four zero percent. So should the shit strike the fan, we’re toast… and this with just one nuclear power station, Koeberg. Imagine six more.


With a price tag of up to R1 trillion – that’s a lot of money folks – there are a lot of pockets to be lined with a tender here and there. Imagine the arms deal, but on a nuclear scale.

Tina has assured parliament that all the proper procedures will be followed, that staff will be trained by Russia, China – that makes us feel so much better — and South Korea will continue to play a major role alongside France. The problem is, South African tenderpreneurs have become expert at shaving off a little here and there to feather their own nests and not thinking all that much about the people being affected.

Nuclear budget, nuclear opportunities for screwing up…