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Knysna: Suspects arrested with R5 600 worth petrol and stolen cards

Quick work from Knysna police led to the arrest of three suspects from George who tried to use stolen bank and petrol cards to buy petrol.


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Three suspects met police handcuffs on Sunday 12 September on one of the main roads in Knysna, Western Cape. Police tipped off about a suspects in a Toyota Quantum buying several litres of petrol at a garage service station with petrol cards that are suspected to be stolen.


The vehicle was found containing a large quantity of petrol storage as well as bank cards that were suspected to be stolen. Before the suspects got away, urgent action from the police who teamed up with a local traffic official, led to the suspected vehicle being stopped at around 1am.

“Vigilant members attached to the Knysna Crime Prevention Unit were alerted about possible illicit activities involving a Toyota Quantum minibus taxi, with a George registration number, at a petrol filling station at the Main Street, Knysna. The members promptly acted on the information when visited the filling station. On arrival they noticed the vehicle departed already but proceeded with a search,” SAPS said in the statement.

“A lookout for the vehicle ensued when it was later tracked down and stopped with assistance from a Provincial Traffic official at Sedgefield. Upon searching the vehicle the members found 13 plastic 25-litre containers filled with petrol (fuel) on board,”

the police statement added.


It is alleged that the suspects used five fuel cards to buy R5 600 worth of petrol at the local fuel station. The suspects, a driver, and two passengers, are believed to be from Knysna’s neighbouring town, George, and specifically from the Thembalethu area.

“A further search led to the discovery of five fuel and oil cards of various banks stashed under a seat of the vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle were unable to account for their possession of these items. They were subsequently arrested on charges of possession of suspected stolen property and fraud,” SAPS continued.

“Preliminary investigation indicates that the suspects are from Thembalethu in George. They allegedly used these cards to purchase fuel at the filling station. The origin of the fuel cards forms part of an ongoing police probe.”

“The trio, the 35-year-old driver and his two passengers, remain in custody. They will appear in court once charged,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, police confirmed an unrelated arrest involving three women from Cape Town. The trio was found with suspected stolen items in a VW Polo that was headed for the Mother City.

“In an unrelated matter, three women were arrested on charges of possession of suspected stolen property on Thursday, 9 September 2021 at about 16:30. The same team acted on information about suspected illicit activities when they stopped the silver Volkswagen Polo, which was en route to Cape Town, on the N2 highway at the turnoff to Buffalo Bay,” SAPS said.

“A search of the vehicle resulted in the confiscation of 16 high-class bottles of champagne as well as a handbag, believed to be used to hid stolen items. The police arrested the occupants, all from the Cape Metropole, on a charge of suspected stolen property each.

“Some of the items were later positively linked to a local bottle store. The suspects, aged between 24 and 45, remains in custody. They are expected to make a court appearance in the Knysna Magistrates’ court on Monday, 13 September 2021,” the statement concluded.