Thomas Markle

Royal embarrassment: Thomas Markle paid R136 000 for new tell-all TV interview

Meghan’s dad seems to have gone awol again…

Thomas Markle

The Duchess of Sussex’s dad, Thomas Markle has faced continuous reports and inquiries from the media across the globe. Now, he has once again made the news over a controversial interview. A very nice payday was involved too.

Thomas Markle: Meghan’s dad is back in the news

Thomas Markle was paid £7500, about R1136 963, to reveal juicy details of his father daughter relationship and conversations with Prince Harry.

The 73-year-old was flown from his Mexico home to a luxurious hotel in California for the discussion. The interview took place with ITV’s Good Morning Britain, a show that now dominates the morning British TV ratings after being revitalised by host, Piers Morgan.

Royal Rules: Meghan Markle has to abide by these now that she’s a Duchess

Morgan is one of the most well-known journalists in the world but divides opinion due to his questionable ethical practices and opinions.

Either way, Morgan’s “in your face” attitude has won over viewers and even saw him land a special interview with US President Donald Trump.

In Thomas Markle’s interview with the show, he revealed that he made Prince Harry promise to “never raise a hand” to Meghan. He also revealed that he has never met Harry in person.

Meghan has previously described her relationship with her dad as “deeply personal” and it is believed that Kensington Palace were once gain kept in the dark about the latest interview.

In the weeks leading up to the Royal Wedding, Thomas Markle drew heavy criticism after agreeing a deal with paparazzi to make profit from photos of him trying on suits for the big day.

While that was mild in comparison, the TV interview has seen a lot more private issues being discussed.

According to Markle, Harry had said that he was “open” to Brexit and thought Trump deserved a chance. He also revealed that Meghan has always wanted kids and believed that they would try “sooner or later”.

Harry had reportedly “already popped the question” to Meghan before asking for his blessing.

Piers Morgan has claimed that despite the payment to Markle, his “ultimate move was not money”.

Markle is believed to have turned down multiple higher offers from US media groups in order to tell “his side of the story” to the British people.