This British grandfather was r

This British grandfather was raised in South Africa and hailed a hero in France for stopping a suspected terror attack

This South African ballie risked his life to stop a suspected terrorist and save his fellow passengers on a train in France.

This British grandfather was r

Chris Norman, a 62-year old British Businessman who was raised in South Africa was awarded highest honour – the Légion d’honneur – by the president Francois Hollande on Monday for his role in stopping a suspected terrorist attack on a train.

Chris Norman and three other passengers, all American, Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos tackled a suspected terrorist who opened fire on a train between Amsterdam and Paris. The attack happened on Friday with the gunman emerging from the bathroom and opening fire.

The men heard glass shattering and after they got over their initial fears, instinct took over and they decided to take down the gunman. Norman says:

“My thoughts were I’m probably going to die anyway. I thought I’d rather die being active, trying to take him down than sitting in the corner and being shot. But once you start moving you are not afraid anymore.”