This ANN7 reporter is getting

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This ANN7 reporter is getting roasted to hell and back for saying: I hate capitalism, so I don’t care about junk status

Guys, we can’t.

This ANN7 reporter is getting

Mary Crandall flickr

You probably don’t know who Chelsea Lotz is because she works for ANN7 and nobody watches that… except those who are #captured.

Anyway. Ms. Lotz does have a bit of a reputation in the media world. And it’s not a good reputation. In 2014, she wrote a piece for PoliticsWeb called: Why I will defend Zuma to the grave. Now, back then, JZ hadn’t gone quite as bat shit crazy as he recently has, but still.

Let this extract from the Media Online back in 2015 give you some insight:

First we had the spectacle of Chelsea Amor Lotz, immediately dubbed the ‘Media Mata Hari’, tottering around in her red, skyscraper-stiletto heels holding up a placard which was a clear reference to Weaver: “Fire all racist reporters”. Two other posters held up by her group were more explicit. “Away with Man Friday” and “Fire Tony Weaver”. Ultimately she triumphed despite the intervention of Trevor Manuel and if you were a down table sub of alliterative inclination your headline might well have been ‘Media Mata Hari mangles Manuel’.

If you really need to know or see more, you can do a search on YouTube and be amazed, but we’ll leave that up to you.

You see, much like #PaidTwitter, Ms. Lotz has been coming up with all sorts of mad as a bag of snakes Tweets and after South Africa was downgraded to gemors, she dished out his little gem.

Jaaaaa, let that sink in for a minute. Somebody employed by some of the biggest capitalists in South Africa hates capitalism.

Now, you might not know Ms. Lotz, but you probably know by now that South Africans do not take shit on Twitter and they did not let her off lightly…

Let’s take a look.

There’s more, but shem, we’ll stop there. If you want to see for yourself, you can head over to Twitter and see the thread. Also, having had a look at her Instagram profile (which was public at the time of writing), Ms. Lotz sure does like a lot of capitalistic things…but hey, we ain’t judging.