Khoza slams

“They are all part of the rot” – Makhosi Khoza slams ANC presidential candidates

Mkahosi Khoza absolutely slams each of the ANC Presidential candidates here. Will we see a new Khoza party anytime soon? It looks likely…

Khoza slams

Former ANC MP Makhosi Khoza is back in the news today, all for her comments on current ANC presidential candidates. Speaking at a Standard Bank Business Breakfast at Monte Casino, Khoza revealed that “all presidential hopefuls are part of the rot”.

“That is why they fail to take a stand when called to do so,” said Khoza.

Khoza explained that the day of the vote of no confidence in President Zuma, she knew the ANC she grew up in had been taken over by patronage politics and corruption.

“The soul of the ANC was gone” – Makhosa Khoza

Since leaving the ANC, Khoza has spent the last few months testing the ground for forming some sort of new political space. Again, she emphasised the call for something new.

“We have to accept that there are good men and women in the EFF, COPE, the NFP, the UDM, the IFP… There is a need for us as South Africans to find a new vehicle that will be able to take us to the prosperous society we wish to live in.”

“We need a political home that can unite us as South Africans and can grow the economy…I am hoping that you will invest your time and energy to save this beautiful country. We have nowhere else to go; you will never find a place like this. Let us fix this place. South Africa belongs to all who live in it.”

Khoza continued by saying there is no dignity in things like unemployment, corruption, junk status and state capture.

While she has been doing research into forming a new political space, Khoza has also previously revealed that she is aware of the failings of new parties like COPE and AGANG. She said she has made it her mission to understand why those parties failed.