These are the busiest times to catch an Uber in South Africa

Some interesting data…



Uber has launched Uber Movement, a website that allows users to analyse anonymous data to see things like average wait time and when the ride-hailing app experiences the highest volume.

Gauteng is currently the only region in South Africa with data publicly available. However, to tie in with the launch, Uber has made data from a number of cities across the country available, too.

The data on the website is free to the public, provided they log on using their Uber credentials. The available data is from February 2016, but it paints an interesting picture.

The cities with the most active Uber users in South Africa and average wait time

Cape Town
Port Elizabeth

Johannesburg had 174 000 active riders while Cape Town had 112 000.

The average wait time for Uber in South Africa

All of the cities have an average wait time of under ten minutes for an Uber.

The busiest time for Uber in South Africa

Uber sees a spike in requests at 18:00 every day with the biggest spikes coming on Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays are quiet across all cities.

A wide range of nationalities

Across the South African cities, the nationalities of Uber users were diverse. Cape Town had the most diverse audience with 60 different nationalities using the service. Johannesburg had 57, Durban 47 and Port Elizabeth 21.