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Theresa May charms Cape Town students with her two left feet [video]

It is safe to say that no hip bones were broken and that the Prime Minister is still in one piece.

theresa may

Theresa May, United Kingdom’s (UK) Prime Minister, touched down in Cape Town, South Africa on Tuesday, to the warm welcome of president Cyril Ramaphosa.

With all the anticipation of the meeting set around how this bears positive implications for South Africa’s economy, May was more invested in seeing the students of ID Mkhize Secondary School in Gugulethu.

Theresa May puts on her dancing shoes at Gugulethu school

The Department of International and Cooperation (DIRCO) tweeted a video of the students from ID Mkhize welcoming the visit of May, who got caught up in the vibrations of the atmosphere.

You may not see this again but the Prime Minister found herself dancing to the tune of the students who were singing at the top of their voices.

A wiggle of the hip and the tap of her feet made for a cute, adorable video of the Prime Minister, visibly enjoying the talents of the students.

Theresa May reveals foreign aid plans for Africa

Addressing the business forum in Cape Town, she highlighted the importance of the hope and determination she saw in the eyes of the students of ID Mkhize.

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May’s visit is a bid to tighten bilateral relations between the UK and the African continent. In June of this year alone, the UK was the biggest purchaser of South African exports.

Touching on the future of UK-Africa relations, May added that

“by 2022, UK must be the G7’s biggest investor in Africa. I pledge 4 billion GBP investments in Africa with another 4 million after that.”

Her next stop after South Africa will be a visit to Kenya and Nigeria. These are the three economies the UK have earmarked as the most progressive on the continent.

We are not promising anything but with the vibrant sounds of Africa, we can be sure to expect more of the Prime Minister’s static but adorable dance moves.