Census 2022

White people are leaving South Africa. Image: File.

The top questions black South Africans had for white people, answered

A popular Facebook page brought some unity to South Africans with a post calling for black people to ask white people some pressing questions.

Census 2022

White people are leaving South Africa. Image: File.

It’s no secret that South Africa is still on a bumpy road in terms of race relations, while things are better than what they used to be, racists still get exposed on viral video and mutter slurs in the privacy of their homes. One Facebook page has attempted to unite South Africans though, all by getting people to ask questions.

Local humour account Joburger posted a picture calling on “black people to ask white people one question you always wanted to know”. The post quickly went viral for all the right reasons as South Africans responded in their numbers.

We gathered some of the best questions and their replies for your entertainment. There is absolutely no doubt that you will have a chuckle at some of these…

Q: Why y’all get hyped up for Sweet Caroline? –

A: Jont Schoeman said, “It’s a psychological anchor that probably started decades ago. At some point a bunch of white people were drunk having a good time then the song played. Then it happened one or two times …. Then some other white people were around these people when the song played and they saw how happy the original people were which made them happy and perhaps this happened once or twice again creating an anchor for these people‚ and then this process repeated until millions of white people went crazy when drunk and hearing this song.”

Q: Vamee Nokwanda Mbatha said, “Why don’t you guys scream and faint at funerals?? Why are yall so calm?? It’s very suspicious!!”

A: Mindy Fulcher Tarpley replied: “I remember going to my first all-black funeral here in the south for an old gentleman and it was like a three-hour church service with dancing and hollering and some damn good music and singing.”

Q: Sifiso Thwala said, “How do you guys talk back to your parents and still get rice cakes packed for lunch? And what’s up with rice cakes anyway?”

A: Roy Pearson had the answer: “You got it backwards … RICE CAKES ARE THE PUNISHMENT!!”

Of course, the Nkalakhata issue was brought up…

Q: One more question, what is up with you guys and Nkalakatha? We forgot about that song over a decade ago, but it’s still an anthem among the white community… WHY?

A: Flippie Dolfie de Beer had this reply: “I honestly don’t know man‚ when we get drunk that song gets us hyped as fuck.”

And, let’s not forget about white people and their dogs.

Q: Why do you think it’s okay to let your dog kiss you on the lips?

A: Even some white people were confused by the actions of their white brothers and sisters here, Arné Combrinck told his story: “A woman’s dog drank my coffee (it was next to the couch) and she said: ‘Don’t worry‚ my dogs are clean‚ you can drink it’.”

While the post and questions were met with brilliant warmth and unity, one man took the time to explain just how positive the comments were.

Gavin Marks  said, “I just wanted to say that reading all these comments made me so happy and proud to be a South African. It just shows how different and the same we all really are. And if we just talk to each other and get to know each other we can work through our problems together.”

Well done South Africans well done! Joburger has also made similar posts with questions for black people and Indian people.