The top 10 Barry Roux parodies

The top 10 Barry Roux parodies

A murder trial may be a serious subject but the quirkier moments of the Oscar Pistorius court case have nonetheless resulted in some inspired satire. We bring you ten of the best parodies about defence laywer Barry Roux.

The top 10 Barry Roux parodies

Oscar Pistorius’ lawyer Barry Roux has been the star of the trial so far due to his caustic questioning of witnesses and unusual turns of phrase, resulting in a number of parody Twitter accounts, memes and videos going viral online. Here’s our selection of the top ten.

1. ‘Barry Roux Rap’

Highveld Stereo’s Breakfast Xpress producer Brad O’Regan’s ‘Barry Roux Rap’ has now amassed almost 25,000 YouTube views and includes the ridiculously catchy chorus poking fun at the advocate’s catchphrase ‘I put it to you’: “I’m Barry Roux and I put it to you / everything you say I will misconstrue / I’m Barry Roux and I put it to you / Ten times in a row just to confuse you.”

2. ‘Because I’m Barry’

Brad O’Regan’s offering has been quickly followed by DJ Roger Goode’s ‘Because I’m Barry’, which is set to the tune of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ and has already amassed over 30,000 plays on soundcloud. The song includes the lyrics: ‘Clap along if you feel like mixing it with Roux / Clap along if you feel like innocence is the truth’, and ‘Here comes bad news about the cricket bat / I put it to you that the front’s the back’.

3. Zuma and Nkandla

With the public release of Thuli Madonsela’s Nkandla report into refurbishments carried out at Jacob Zuma’s private residence using £13.8m worth of public funds, another parody doing the rounds suggests the President will soon be in dire need of Roux’s defence skills.


4. Fake Barry Roux Twitter account

The @BarryRouxLaw Twitter account, which describes itself as a ‘Parody of a Lawyer’, has amassed 17,000 followers since the trial started. Witty tweets include: “I spent the last 2 hours cross examining Monday. As a result it is now actually Wednesday. No thanks required” and “Spending an evening in with my lady” (referring to testifying witnesses’ respectful references to the judge as ‘My Lady’).

5. The cost of justice

Roux is rumoured to be charging Pistorius £3,000 a day, meaning that the extension of the trial has resulted in Pistorius being forced to sell his house to pay his legal fees. Combine knowledge of this fact with security guard Pieter Baba’s incorrect testimony during the first week (which has now been contradicted by metadata from Pistorius’ phone and might result in a charge of contempt of court or perverting the course of justice) and the following meme’s dark humour becomes evident:


6. What if I put it to you that my dog barks like a cat?

Barry Roux’s argument that the screams neighbours heard – which they all insist were undoubtedly made by a woman – were in fact made by a distraught Pistorius has resulted in the following meme going viral:

Bjk1CC2CAAE1VVw7. Who puts a fan on a balcony?

According to Oscar Pistorius, he went to fetch a fan from the balcony on the night of the murder so did not notice that Reeva Steenkamp had got out of bed to go to the toilet. The Afrikaans meme says, “Ek het nie tyd vir hierdie nie, wie sit ‘n waaier op ‘n balkon? (I don’t have time for this, who puts a fan on a balcony?).

barry roux meme8. Fine or okay?

Security guard Pieter Baba testified that when he called Pistorius moments after residents reported hearing gunshots on the night of the murder, the Paralympian told him “Security, everything is fine”. But Roux started digging into his statement, asking whether Pistorius said “he is okay” or “everything is okay”, and whether he said “okay” or “fine”. This meme appeared after iconic South African football team Kaizer Chiefs lost to rivals Platinum Stars on 12 March.

barry roux kaizer chiefs9. The Michelle Burger: Extra Grilled

Pistorius’ neighbour Michelle Burger, the first witness to take the stand in the trial, was given such a hard time by Roux that she started crying. Although this parody advert uses the distinctive typeface and logo of Nando’s, the restaurant chain says it is a fake and does not â€œendorse this unauthorised and irresponsible use” of its brand.

michelle burger

10. Scream like a girl

There is speculation whether Barry Roux’s claim that his client screams like a woman when threatened will be put to the test when Pistorius testifies. This meme says in Afrikaans, ‘If I say scream, then scream like a girl’.

barry roux scream

By Frank Burbage and Heather Walker