Taxi strike: British tourist and police officer among five killed

Taxi drivers in the Western Cape blocking roads in the city.

The new traffic by-laws that has the taxi industry in a frenzy

SANTACO WC claim they are being targeted by police and allege only taxis get impounded. They claim 6000 taxi’s have been impounded this year

Taxi strike: British tourist and police officer among five killed

Taxi drivers in the Western Cape blocking roads in the city.

The ongoing taxi strike in the Western Cape, in particular- Cape Town seems to be picking up in, intensity as more vehicles including delivery trucks and ambulances are being looted and torched.

The chaotic scenes across the city have been brought on due to taxi boss’ frustrations on the new traffic by laws which now sees their vehicles being impounded on the spot for various offences including, drivers not wearing seat their belts.

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Hundreds of taxi’s impounded in a month

Since the introduction of the by laws, there has been a sharp rise in the number of vehicles including taxis that have been impounded by the City. According to the SANTACO around 1000 vehicles are impounded monthly.

Speaking to Newzroom Afrika, the city says there is no target on taxis, as SANTACO had described. SANTACO had said only taxis are being impounded by the City band no other vehicles. City of Cape Town safety and security MMC says this is because the new National Land Transportation Act strictly pertains to public transport vehicles.

“Its a national law we are not using any city by laws. As of last week we starting impound private vehicles for reckless and drunk driving” says JP Smith,

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(1) For purposes of this chapter vehicle includes a motor cycle and a motor tricycle,
and where relevant a quad bike, pedal cycle or animal drawn vehicle.

(2) The authorised official may in the interest and safety of the public, without prior
written notice, impound vehicles where the –

(a) vehicle was involved in reckless or negligent driving or illegal street racing;

(b) vehicle is unlicensed or the licence disc has been expired for more than 90

(c) vehicle is unregistered;

(d) vehicle is not fitted with licence plates,

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(e) vehicle is damaged or is in a state of disrepair and is, in the opinion of the
authorised official, not roadworthy;

(f) vehicle is a taxi which is being operated in contravention of the conditions of
approval its operating licence or off the approved route;

(g) vehicle has been left abandoned as specified in section 61;

(h) driver of the vehicle is unlicensed, or the driver does not have his or her driver’s
licence available for inspection;

(i) driver of the vehicle is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or a drug having
a narcotic effect; or

(j) driver did not stop when signalled to do so by an authorised official resulting
in the driver having to be pursued and forced to stop.