ANC Elective Conference: Jessie Duarte

The ANC has admitted to deliberately disobeying a High Court order

The ruling party’s deputy secretary general, Jesse Duarte, said that it’s “unfortunate that South Africa – read ANC – had to disobey the Pretoria High Court’s ruling on Omar al-Bashir.”

ANC Elective Conference: Jessie Duarte

The almost secretary general of the ANC sees it as unfortunate that the ruling party deliberately disobeyed a High Court order and took a big fat dump on the South African judiciary, the Freedom Charter and the Constitution.

Unfortunate is a bit of an understatement… it’s criminal to defy the judiciary, especially when the laws surrounding the ICC, extradition at its behest and compliance with arrest warrants are enshrined in our laws as per the Rome Statute.

Now, enough has been written on the al-Bashir embarrassment, but the ANC has sudeenly put another player in the game. News24 reported that according to Duarte, the African Union’s laws suddenly override international laws and agreements as signed by the South African government.

 “It’s unfortunate that we actually had to disobey a judge’s order to comply with an international obligation that we have.”


“I think the country made the right choice. You do not make the choice to arrest a sitting head of state on your soil, ever.”

The country didn’t make this decision, Jess, the ANC did.

Interestingly, the African Union largely dependent on the global community for funding, yet refuses to abide by international checks and measures as outlined by the United Nations – you know, that global organisation of which we’re all members –.