Tequila is actually good for y

Tequila is actually good for you! Here are eight reasons why

Beer, red wine and now tequila… look folks, as with eveything else, when done with healthy caution it could be quite beneficial.

Tequila is actually good for y

Ok now look, this doesn’t mean you need to go down a bottle and make out with your cousin. Unless you already wanted to do the latter, in which case: Whatever is wrong with you, it is not a small thing.

We’re talking moderate amounts, and only the best quality product.

Helps weight loss

So, we know fibre is great for the waistline, but here’s another. Agavins – not an ethnic minority –, it just so happens, lower triglycerides in the blood and cholesterol follows.

Lowers your blood sugar

There’s this nifty little sugar compound found in the agave plant, called agavina. Agavina boosts your body’s insulin production, lowering blood sugar levels.

Helps fight cholesterol

Tests done by the clever folks at the American Chemical Society (ACS), fat mice were given tequila and voila… they lost loads of weight. They might just have forgotten to eat, but hey… if it works.

It’s cool for diabetics

By cool we don’t mean there’s no sugar in 100% agave tequila, but it sure as sh*t is less than most other alcohol.

Great for intestinal health

Now, this part is a little doctor-ish, but pay attention. Medicine meant for your guts often break down in the stomach before they reach the intestines they’re meant to help. Tequila, for some magical reason, prevents this from happening, so they hit the mark.

This is good news for folks with Crohn’s disease, certain forms of cancer and IBS. Whizzkids at Mexico’s Guadalajara University have found that tequila helps deliver meds to the colon, aiding in the treatment of these diseases.

Tequila could help treat the common cold

Again, this might just be due to the fact that you’ll be too wasted to remember you’re sick; but back in the 30’s, Mexican doctors used to make a cocktail – literally – of tequila, agave nectar and lime juice for patients suffering from a cold.

No hangovers!

Not when you drink that sh*t they hand out at R20. No, we’re talking 100% agave tequila… give it a try, you’ll thank us later.

You look f*cking cool doing it

Nuff said.