raping taxi driver passenger

Joubert Park Taxi Rank
Johannesburg / Image via BrandSA

Taxi driver, 35, sentenced to life imprisonment for raping passenger

The commuter was raped twice, gagged, tied up and left for dead in a ditch back in 2019. Now, justice has been served.

raping taxi driver passenger

Joubert Park Taxi Rank
Johannesburg / Image via BrandSA

The East London Regional Court has sentenced a 35-year-old taxi driver, Anda Majavu, to life imprisonment for raping a 22-year-old female commuter in 2019, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) confirmed. 


In October 2019, the young woman was hitch-hiking from Mdantsane to East London when Majavu picked her up along the way.

“Majavu first dropped off another passenger and when it was just the two of them in the vehicle, he started to threaten her with a broken bottle top and drove to a secluded area where he raped her,” the NPA said in a statement. 

“He drove off with her and found another secluded area near Da Gama Textiles where he raped her again, gagging her mouth and binding her legs, arms and wrists. He then pushed her into a ditch, covered her with shrubs and left her there,” he added. 

After a while the woman managed to untie her legs, however, her wrists were so tightly bound that the material cut into her flesh. After managing to get free, she ran towards the road where she was rescued by a motorist who took her to the Cambridge Police Station. The police arrested Majavu a few days later.

During the trial, Majavu claimed that the victim initiated the sexual encounter. He was, however, unable to explain why the victim had injuries. 

“In aggravation of sentence, the prosecutor, Thando Feni, asked the court for a life sentence because of the horrific nature of the crime. He said that gender-based violence was rife and that a strong message needed to be sent to the community that women are protected by the courts,” the NPA added. 


Back in November 2020, a man was sentenced to life for the rape of his stepdaughter. All the while, he knew he was HIV positive. 

At the beginning of 2008, the then 11-year-old girl moved in with her mother and stepfather in Queenstown. According to NPA spokesperson Anelisa Ngcakani, the stepfather started raping her by penetrating her with his fingers. Six-years later during June 2014, the stepfather discovered that she had a boyfriend. 

“This angered him so much that he took the girl to a clinic for family planning and then started raping her a week later while the mother was at church,” Ngcakani said. 

That was not the last time as the incidents of rape only occurred again and again. The victim eventually reported it to the police which led to his arrest. 

The court sentenced the stepfather to life imprisonment for rape, 10 years imprisonment for attempted murder as he raped the girl while he knew that he was HIV positive, five-years imprisonment for assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, and 12-months for assault. His application for leave to appeal the sentence of life imprisonment was refused.