KZN child taxi

Photo: RUSA / Facebook

KZN: Five-year-old kicked out of taxi – ‘because he didn’t have any money’

How cruel can people be? A KZN taxi driver has been lambasted online for ejecting a young child from his vehicle, due to a row over the fare.

KZN child taxi

Photo: RUSA / Facebook

There has been a tidal wave of anger directed towards a KZN taxi driver this week, after the motorist took an unbelievably hardline stance against a penniless young passenger. Five-year-old Isiphile Jamangile was unceremoniously kicked out of the vehicle, when it transpired he didn’t have his fare with him.

Five-year-old ejected from taxi ‘for having no money’

The boy was dumped by the roadside in Verulam, alone and crying. Residents in a nearby town came across the Grade R pupil and found out his name and age by checking the books in his bag. Reaction Unit South Africa were alerted to the incident, and they were able to positively identify the little lad:

Five-year-old Isiphile Jamangile was dumped in Canelands, Verulam after he informed the driver of a minibus taxi that he did not have his fare to pay for his trip home from school. Residents of Station Park in Canelands found the boy crying on the side of the road. A book found in his bag confirmed that he’s a Grade R pupil in KZN.”

RUSA statement

‘Heartless’ KZN driver hounded by criticism

The backlash on social media has been fierce. Some members wanted the driver arrested for child endangerment, whereas others have called for his license to be revoked. It’s simply beggar’s belief that a taxi driver could be so unforgiving with a five-year-old, but here we are…

Thankfully, Isiphile was eventually reunited with his family, hours after his ordeal initially began. A KZN RUSA member took the boy into her care, and found a family friend that knew him. From there, he was taken home and reunited with his relieved parents. All’s well that ends well, right?

“Isiphile Jamangile has been reunited with his family. RUSA Member Angel Phiri transported the five-year-old to Cottonlands where she met a female who informed her that she knew the child. Phiri was provided with directions and managed to located the boy’s residence where he was reunited with his family.” | RUSA statement