Suzette Little under fire for

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Suzette Little under fire for misconduct and possible misuse of resources

Suzette has been accused of very serious allegations, including using a VIP unit to take her to and from work. Wow.

Suzette Little under fire for

@suzette.little2 / Facebook

According to Eyewitness News, staff members of the City of Cape Town’s mayoral committee have come out to speak against Suzette Little, accusing her of misconduct and mismanagement of resources.

Who is Suzette Little?

Suzette Little, who is the City of Cape Town’s mayoral committee member (MMC), serves the Mother City under the flagship of the DA. In her capacity, she represents the interests of communities and makes recommendations to Council regarding important public service and other municipal issues.

Two city employees have come forward to allege that Little has been shuffling off her duties. She has also been implicated in certain cases involving the misuse of the city’s resources.

What is Suzette Little accused of?

This all came to light after staff members from her office were allegedly forced, by Little, to illegally shred council documents. It is further alleged that the city’s MMC prioritizes personal commitments over important meetings and forces staff members to be selective over which councillor should be assisted.

Dirk Smit, who is the City’s Council Speaker, has responded to the allegations, saying that “there are allegations made against councillor Little, which I’m gathering information to see if it’s necessary to take disciplinary action against councillor Little”.

What is the City of Cape Town going to do about allegations made against Suzette Little?

Smit has also made it clear that the fate of Little’s position in the party has not yet been decided. According to the Council Speaker, no decision has yet been made on whether or not the office will take steps towards pursuing disciplinary actions against Little.

Other allegations made against Little include using the VIP unit to transport her to and from work, and orders that certain DA councillors be investigated using unorthodox methods.

Little has since not been available to provide any information to counter these serious allegations made against her. It is said that she has submitted her response to the speaker’s office under the guidance of her attorneys.