Studying or settling down in the UK now comes with an extra cost

Entering the UK on a non-visitor visa for six months or more now comes with a National Health Service surcharge of £200 per year (£150 for students) over and above your visa application fee. Here’s how much it’s going to cost you…


The UK Government will be introducing a £200 health surcharge for all non-EEA nationals living in the UK for longer than six months. The surcharge will grant non-EEA nationals access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and comes into effect from 6 April 2015.

The mandatory surcharge for the whole visa period will be payable upfront. Meaning, an Ancestral visa application for five years will require an additional £1000 surcharge (£200 for five years) upfront with the application fee.

What’s more, dependants will be charged the same amount as their main applicant. Therefore, if a father applies for an Ancestral visa for five years with his wife and two kids as dependants, the family would need to pay a £4000 surcharge.

What if I just want to visit?

It is important to note that visitors to the UK will not be affected by the surcharge, and will only have to pay the NHS for any treatment when or if they need.

What if I want to study?

Students applying for Tier 4 visas wishing to study in the UK, are now required to pay a £150 surcharge per year. While a Tier 4 visa application alone costs £322, applying to study for a year will now cost £472, and for two years, £622.

What if I want to join my partner?

Applying for a Settlement (spousal) visa is already a difficult task riddled with strict maintenance requirements. Now, South Africans wishing to live with their British partners, need pay £200 per year over and above the £956 Settlement visa application fee.

Why has this surcharge been introduced?

The UK Government has introduced this surcharge so that non-EEA nationals coming to the UK make an appropriate financial contribution to the cost of healthcare. At present these individuals have the same access to the NHS as permanent residents.

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