Story of a young man saving a

Story of a young man saving a woman’s life goes viral

Nicole Morgan’s story about being saved by a stranger has gone viral and restored her faith in the kindness of South Africans and people in general.

Story of a young man saving a

On 28 April, Nicole and her 6-year-old son, Mikey, went to Cedar Square shopping centre in Fourways to run a few errands and meet a friend. Towards the end of the meeting with her friend, Nicole felt a searing pain and realised she had been stung by a bee.

Her friend immediately removed the sting and offered Nicole an Allergix to help with the symptoms, although Nicole was not terribly concerned, as she had been stung a few times before and suffered no side effects.

When Nicole decided to pop into a supermarket at Cedar Square to get a few groceries, she began to panic, as the reaction to the sting began to escalate. “I was suddenly overcome with a feeling of complete panic as my hands started throbbing, as did my heart, head and ears (my entire body for that matter) along with a feeling that I couldn’t breathe and I said to Mikey that we had to go.”

Nicole left her groceries and began phoning someone for help. When she couldn’t get hold of her friend who had just left her, she got hold of her husband and explained what had happened.

By this stage, Nicole could barely breathe, and collapsed in the walkway. Mikey began to cry and pleaded with Nicole to get up, but she was almost unresponsive.

Passers-by tried to help – one man offered to try and help her find an Epipen, a lady tried to get hold of Nicole’s medical aid card, but Nicole thought she was “too far gone for any over the counter drugs to help me and that I was going to die.”

It was then that Obakeng Seutane ran towards Nicole, dispersed the crowd and knelt down next to Nicole. She was completely unconscious – only four minutes after the attack had started.

Obakeng put her hands behind her head to help open her wind pipe, and then began to calm down Mikey. He explained to him that he was going to take him and his mom to hospital and that he had to drive really fast to get there.

Once at the hospital, medical staff immediately began working on Nicole, who had been taken to the emergency theatre as her body was shutting down. A nurse asked Obakeng for a family member’s number, and Mikey gave Obakeng Nicole’s phone and asked him to find his dad’s number.

The nurse urged Nicole’s husband, Ross, to hurry, as things were not looking good. “My mother-in-law arrived at the hospital before my husband and said thank you to Obakeng and that he didn’t have to stay any longer if he wanted to go. He said he’s not going anywhere until he knows that I am alright and continued to wait with Mikey and my mother-in-law.”

Nicole has no recollection of anything that happened from when she fell unconscious until she woke up in hospital, seven hours later. She just recalls being grateful and amazed that she was alive. “All thanks to my son, whose terrified face caught Obakeng’s eye as he was walking past on his way to gym with his earphones on and decided that we needed his help!”

After a week, Nicole was privileged to meet Obakeng with her family, to thank him for saving her life, and to tell him how amazing he was for being able to think clearly when no one else was able to.

“He has given me my life, restored my faith in the youth of South Africa and in fact humanity as a whole and I can honestly say that he has made me see life in a completely different way! Thank you, Obakeng, there are no words to describe my gratitude!”