2021 Elections rerunning

President Cyril Ramaphosa and DA leader John Steenhuisen – Photo: GCIS

‘Go on, suspend them’: Steenhuisen challenges Ramaphosa on corrupt cadres

When John Steenhuisen and Cyril Ramaphosa exchange fire, it’s always blockbuster entertainment – and the DA leader has drawn first blood on Sunday.

2021 Elections rerunning

President Cyril Ramaphosa and DA leader John Steenhuisen – Photo: GCIS

The leader of the opposition has told Cyril Ramaphosa ‘to put his money where his mouth is’ on Sunday, after the president announced a set of anti-corruption measures to be undertaken by the ANC. However, John Steenhuisen doesn’t hold out much hope that the head of state can stay true to his word.

‘Corrupt cadres will only be rewarded’ – DA leader

In what is promising to develop into a tasty war of words, Steenhuisen labeled Ramaphosa’s planned interventions as ‘word salad’, saying that the president was ‘paralysed’ while in office. As well as scoffing at Cyril’s seven-page letter, the DA frontman issued an ultimatum towards the head of state.

Steenhuisen says his party will be compiling a list of each and every ANC member and public servant facing allegations of corruption in the coming week – which will then be submitted to the president.

The DA believes that Ramaphosa’s reaction to these submissions will tell us ‘everything we need to know’ about his commitment towards fighting corruption. Strap in, because this one is going to last the distance…

John Steenhuisen’s response to Ramaphosa’s anti-corruption measures:

“Not once in that letter is there any mention of the independent, decisive, and urgent investigation and prosecution of party or cabinet members as part of his so-called ‘turning point in our fight against corruption’. Ramaphosa is paralysed. He remains a spectator to his own party.”

“This letter is word salad when President Ramaphosa has demonstrated, most recently, that corrupt cadres continue to be rewarded within his party, and not removed from their positions and punished in accordance with the law of the country.”

“President Ramaphosa must lay charges of corruption against his own party members and suspend them immediately, not allow the Integrity Commission to dish out a warning and a reward package. Corruption has rotted the party so deeply that it cannot be effectively rooted out without the ANC’s complete self-implosion.”

John Steenhuisen