Malusi Gigaba testifies at the State Capture Enquiry

Malusi Gigaba response to various allegations levelled against him at the Commission on State Capture

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Malusi Gigaba: Guptas are my FRIENDS – not my business partners

Malusi Gigaba has slammed his wife Norma’s testimony at the State Capture Inquiry, and tried to clarify his relationship with the Guptas.

Malusi Gigaba testifies at the State Capture Enquiry

Malusi Gigaba response to various allegations levelled against him at the Commission on State Capture

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Former Minister of Public Enterprises, Malusi Gigaba clarified that he did not have a “business” relationship with the Gupta family but a “social and “cultural” one.

He was testifying before the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture on Monday where he trashed his estranged wife, Norma Mngoma’s version of the “close relationship” relationship he shared with the Gupta family.

This emerged when Justice Zondo asked for clarity on the nature of Gigaba’s relationship with the Guptas as it conflicted with Mngoma’s testimony before the Commission last week.


Gigaba responded by saying “Ms. Mngoma alleged I went to the Guptas more than 20 times and goes further to say I would go there (Gupta’s home) every Monday on my way to Cape Town and then return to the Guptas on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. If there are 52 weeks in a year you talking about 402 times in the year [it does not make sense].”

“She [Mngoma] says on several occasions Mr Ajay will call me and discuss things – that is not true. She says at some point Ajay will call and I won’t take his calls – how am I to know who called if I don’t take the call. She says that they gave me a car which was in her name – there’s no such car,” he said.

“The chairperson’s impression that Ms Mngoma version and mine are vastly different, is correct. Knowing someone, even if you socialise with somebody doesn’t mean I’m close to them. It doesn’t mean when I have customary functions at my home, I invite them. They are not involved in the nitty-gritty of my life. There are people in South Africa who are my close friends.

“There are people I know that I socialise with from time to time but it doesn’t make them close to me. Yes, I knew them (Guptas) got invited to their social or cultural functions but that certainly doesn’t mean we’re close to the extent Ms Ngoma was alleging,” said Gigaba.

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Gigaba dismissed comments that he was closer to Ajay Gupta compared to other members of the family, and indicated that they had no influence over him from a business perspective.

Gigaba was further cross-examined by evidence leader Anton Myburgh on allegations that the former minister may have influenced the appointment of board members at SOES such as Eskom, Transnet, and SAA.

He refuted claims that he attempted to appoint board members using informal methods and not keeping to specific frameworks.

Gigaba had to answer on allegations of influencing supply chain processes at SOES that benefited the Guptas. He says he did not make any “Gupta related procurement” decision during his tenure.

Myburgh also asked that Gigaba explain why he met with the Gupta’s to discuss their business, Jet Airways taking over a Johannesburg to Mumbai flight route.

According to Myburgh, SAA had no intention of shutting down this flight route. Gigaba indicated he intervened out of concern for SAA as it was undergoing business rescue.

He said he had “the right” to meet with them as was the case with other businesses during his tenure.