State Capture inquiry

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State capture inquiry: Explosive testimony reveals US involvement in Gupta probe

We stan you, “Stan”. A lawyer for one of the whistleblowers behind the #GuptaLeaks has revealed how the Americans got involved.

State Capture inquiry

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An engrossing day of hard-hitting testimony at the state capture inquiry has revealed that one of the two whistleblowers behind #GuptaLeaks handed over copies of their files to US authorities.

The shock revelation – delivered by lawyer Brian Currin – explained how he was involved in keeping the original hard-drive safe and out of sight. The whistleblower known as “Stan” delivered both the original and cloned hard-drives to Currin, shortly after the leaked trove of emails went public in May 2017.

State capture inquiry: The American connection

As TimesLive report, Currin said he hoped to persuade “Stan” to hand over the original hard drives to the authorities as the political climate had changed. The informant was initially apprehensive over the process of handing sensitive information back to SA authorities.

It would be another nine months before American investigators reached out to the lawyer, where they arranged a neutral country to meet with “Stan” – it was agreed a copy of the emails would go to the US.

A rendezvous in Kenya

Currin maintained his reservations about leaving the country with the original hard-drive. It is, after all, meant to be a South African inquiry.

However, there would be a meeting of the two whistleblowers, the wife of “Stan” the whistleblower, US authorities, and three representatives of the Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture in Nairobi, just a few weeks later in March 2018.

Under a “blue-light escort”, the original hard drive and clone that were in Currin’s possession were handed over to Terence Nombembe, a senior official for the state capture inquiry. These were stored in a “very” safe place. However, the inquiry heard there were doubts about which clones were which:

The commission resumes from 10:00 on Friday.