VAT eff nhlanhla nene state capture inquiry

State capture inquiry: EFF rubbish Nhlanhla Nene testimony

The EFF have fired the first shot at Nene after his state capture testimony.

VAT eff nhlanhla nene state capture inquiry

The day has concluded at Deputy Chief Justice Zondo’s commission of inquiry into state capture with Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene, adding more salt to the wound of former president Jacob Zuma’s reputation.

State capture inquiry: Nhlanhla Nene testimony recap

The Finance Minister detailed the ongoings of his meetings with the Gupta family and his encounters with Zuma.

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He indicated that on 9 December 2015, the day the nuclear deal was signed, Zuma had cak=lled him into a meeting at the Presidency’s office.

In the meeting, Nene indicated how Zuma had told him that he and the rest of the ‘top six’ of the ANC had decided to place him at the African Regional Centre of the BRICS bank.

“I thanked the president for having provided me the opportunity to serve the country as Minister of Finance. We shook hands and I left. The entire meeting lasted two or three minutes,” said Nene.

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A few minutes thereafter, he found out that he had been instructed to vacate his position as Finance Minister.

The EFF respond to Nene’s ‘dishonest’ testimony

The whole country has delved into the darker parts of governance. However, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are not biting the fruits of Nene just yet.

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The political party has issued a statement on Nene’s testimony, rubbishing the minister’s evidence.

The EFF is shocked by Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene’s, dishonest testimony under oath at the State Capture Commission of Inquiry that he responded to the EFF correspondence regarding his alleged involvement in the Gupta capture and interference at the PIC.

The EFF wrote a letter to the Minister on 22 May 2018. Today, he told the Commission of Inquiry that he responded to the EFF letter. This is a lie and the Master has never responded to the correspondence regarding these matters.

The EFF is adamant that Nene ignored Rule 145 of the National Assembly, which compel a minister to respond to a political party’s inquiry within ten working days.

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According to the red berets, the letter was received by Nene, and although he may have claimed to have responded to it, the EFF state that this is not true.

Furthermore, in the statement, the party claimed that

The EFF raised the matter in the Standing Committee of FInance several times that the Minister is failing to respond to important correspondence. The committee resolved that the Minister must respond in ten working days, he still ignored the Committee’s resolution and did not bother to respond.

We then realised that the Minister is being extremely arrogant, refusing to respond to our correspondence, we then submitted questions for written reply published in 14 September 2018 [Question 2738], which we asked the Minister.

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Questions tabled by EFF to Nene

The questions that were tabled to Nene are as follows:

  1. Did [Nene] (a) meet any member of the Gupta family during his term as Deputy Minister of Finance and (b) discuss business dealings, particularly the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) funding with any member of the Gupta family?
  2. Did [Nene] ever write a letter to the PIC instructing them to award a certain contract in favour of the Gupta business network?
  3.  Did members of the Gupta family ever contact him as the Minister of Finance, if so, (a) what were the details of the engagement and (b) did it relate to following up on a commitment he gave them as the Deputy Minister of Finance?

The EFF has not threatened any further action against Nene. However, they have clearly just wanted to officially reveal Nene for allegedly being dishonest under oath.