SPCA dogs

An above-view of the dogs in the cage. Photo: @Hidaayatullah / Twitter

SPCA investigate pet store accused of cramming eight dogs into a ‘hamster cage’

A Cape Town pet store is facing allegations of animal cruelty, after a picture of eight dogs crammed in a small cage on their premises went viral.

SPCA dogs

An above-view of the dogs in the cage. Photo: @Hidaayatullah / Twitter

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has issued a warning to a pet store in Kuilsriver, just outside of Cape Town. It comes after the business received a social media backlash when a photo of numerous dogs stuffed into a hamster cage went viral on social media.

We reached out to the SPCA to get an update on Monday. Although information about the incident has been kept under wraps, a representative confirmed that the investigation would provide a report “within the next seven days”. This was later confirmed to us by regional spokesperson Belinda Abraham.

Cape Town pet store draws ire on social media

The “Pets Best Friend” store, meanwhile, could not be reached for comment. A Twitter user who initially reported the information detailed what he saw via his social media channels, and accused the owners of several indiscretions, which include:

  • Having the dogs share the same “hamster cage” for more than a week.
  • Failing to provide adequate food and water.
  • Concerns have also been raised about the staff’s inability to care for the fish in their tanks, with some either “swollen, riddled with white spots or dying”.

The SPCA also ensured that they communicated their decision to investigate the complaint on Monday morning, promising a swift conclusion to the matter:

SPCA begin their investigation

In the photo, a selection of pit-bull cross-breeds can be found huddled and piled on top of each other in a locked hamster cage. There are eight dogs in total who are being forced to share the same paltry amount of space.

A sign above the cage reads: “Pitbulls, Rocky Spike bloodline” and offers a price of R1 200 per animal. If this does turn out to be their current living arrangements, it’s an absolute travesty. As well as enforcing strict penalties for any wrong-doers, it is imperative that these dogs find a loving home as soon as possible.

Update: We have since learned that the dogs have returned to their original owner, and the store will no longer stock either dogs or cats. This follows a visit from both the SPCA and the Anti-Animal Cruelty League. We are expecting another update from the SPCA on Tuesday.