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South African news today: Your headlines in five minutes for Monday 3 December

This is what will make headlines in South African news today.

south african news today

Twitter / Patrick Gaspard

 The nation is experiencing one helluva hangover ahead of this new week, a day after Beyoncè and co. raised the soil with electric performances at the FNB Stadium. However, the show must go on, here is what’s on South African news today.

South African news today, Monday 3 December

Global Citizen Festival: Beyoncè and Jay-Z steal the show

Sunday, 2 December is a date that South Africa will etch in its history forever. Besides much of the trolling that went on, as usual, on Twitter, it was a massive turnout and a wonderful event.

Beyoncè, unsurprisingly, and her hubby, Jay-Z, stole the show and will be at the forefront of today’s headlines with their electric performances — Jay going as far as performing N****s in Paris twice!

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All of this was for a great cause, to change the social fabric of South Africa, and bring forth attention to its ills. Job well done Global Citizen.

De Lille back with new party, in GOOD spirits

Former mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille, has had her fair share of headlines this year. Much of it, though, was for her public spats with her former political party, the Democratic Alliance.

Well, after she had left the province’s ruling party, we all speculated about where she would go. However, De Lille threw a curve ball on Sunday, 2 December, when she revealed that she would be launching her own party and its name had people up in arms, throwing shade on Twitter.

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De Lille’s new party is named GOOD, and the party’s mantra? Brace yourselves:

“Good is a movement. Good upholds the constitution. Good builds the country. Good changes politics. Good fights corruption. Good stamps out racism. Good cares about people. Good nurtures the frail.

“Good educates the young. Good helps the suffering. Good shelters the needy. Good has empathy. Good gives hope. Good supports good,

De Lille revealed in a statement

Gauteng heatwave weather warning

Temepratures were high enough on Sunday near the region of the FNB Stadium. However, the South African Weather Service did issue a more serious warning for the people in Gauteng.

Dollar to rand exchange rate for Monday 3 December

The South African rand has shown some resilience for the past few weeks. It is also helped by the fact that the United States and China are currently at odds with the promise of a trade ‘cold war’.

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As of 06:08, a dollar sold for R13,73 and is expected to break below the R13,70 mark by close of business.

SA weather for Monday 3 December

Most of the country will remain dry and warm. Gauteng, has been warned of a heatwave that will settle over their skies for much of the week, raising temperatures to above 30 degrees.

In the Western Cape, most of the region saw early showers and is expected to remain wet for much of the day. However, humidity will remain at acceptable levels, meaning that a coat won’t be that necessary.

Monday’s horoscope

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