South African expat leads camp

Credit: Facebook

South African expat leads campaign to stop disabled five-year-old being deported from New Zealand

Judge rules that young girl must be torn away from her family and sent back to SA. On her own.

South African expat leads camp

Credit: Facebook

Caitlyn Davies is blind and suffers from Global Development Delay, and has been labelled as a ‘burden’ to the state of New Zealand by the high court.

The law is most definitely an ass in this case, as Caitlyn’s whole immediate family live in NZ and have had their visas from South Africa extended. The five-year-old’s various medical problems are seen as a ‘drain’ on the country’s health system, leading to the inhumane ruling.

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However, one man is having absolutely none of it: Justin McCabe is a fellow South African living in New Zealand, and he called the decision ‘cold and heartless’.

The IT technician lives in Wellington and was so moved by the immigration tribunal that he began a petition to keep her in the country, much to the approval of Caitlyn’s mother, Charmaine.

As a father himself, the case of his compatriates has been very close to the bone for McCabe:

“I used to be a journalist here in South Africa so I am well aware of what she is coming back to. She’ll have no opportunity to advance herself or educate herself in secondary or tertiary study, she’s coming back to nothing.

They’ve come here to give their child a better life. Now they have had that ripped out from underneath them because it’s not only the one child, it’s the entire family. The family’s not going to let the child go back … the family unit will stay together.”

The petition is set to be used in the Davies’ family appeal to the High Court, and their lawyer Jennifer Bensley believes it will be a huge assistance to the case.

The petition is available to sign here at