South africa good news

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South Africa has got good news: Here’s what you missed

South Africa is a country full of hope and potential. We have taken a look at this week’s good news stories you may have missed.

South africa good news

Instagram / All4Women SA

In South Africa, on a daily basis, it is either you hear about how our politicians are using our hard-earned taxpayers’ money to fund their extravagant lives or get reminded about how expensive it is to stay alive.

For the most part, having news outlets like ourselves provides South Africans with the knowledge and information they need to fight back.

However, in the midst of that, we tend to overlook the one thing that is essential in bringing this nation together – good news stories about extraordinary South Africans.

Thanks to the good folks at Good Things Guy and South Africa – The Good News, we have picked out some great inspirational stories about South Africans doing their bit in making this an amazing place to live in.

Self-taught autistic boy achieves lifelong wish

good news south africa
Facebook / Dawn Harrison

He is only known by the public as Siboniso, which in English translates to “an example to many. We were introduced to this magical teenager by Tyler Leigh Vivier who wrote about his inspiring story on Good Things Guy.

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Siboniso is an 11-year-old autistic boy. His lifelong dream of going to school has attracted the help of many people who have donated money for his educational needs on BackaBuddy thanks to the amazing work done by The Angel Network.

Siboniso was first introduced to us by a Facebook user who goes by the name Dawn Harrison. They, on 27 October, had shared photos of Siboniso, who was seated under a tree, dressed in school uniform and reading.

Siboniso wakes up every morning, dresses up in his school uniform and heads out to that tree to begin his school day. His dream of attending a school like any other child came true when the story was kept alive by people like Samantha Parrish.

After years of trying to enrol Siboniso to a school, Harrison was relieved to find out that The Angel Network was more than keen on helping the special boy.

“It is clear that young Siboniso wants so desperately to fit in but he’s being forgotten and lost in a system that cannot help him. Imagine the difference we could make if we came together to make him feel noticed, loved and appreciated? Doesn’t everyone deserve that?”

The network started a BackaBuddy crowdfunding campaign on 31 October. Fast forward nine days later and South Africans have really rallied behind the boy’s dream. So far, the network has raised R52 034.89. This means that the boy’s dream of getting a chance at education will come true, thanks to the unity shown by these extraordinary South Africans.

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South African paraplegic pilot fights for inclusion in aviation

good news south africa
Facebook / Mike Lomberg

The story about Mike Lomberg is a truly inspiring one that highlights the need for one to look past their adversities and to use their shortcomings as a tool of advancement.

Lomberg’s story was picked up by Good Things Guy. It tells of a man who, for decades, had dedicated his life to aviation. After a tragic car accident rendered him paralysed from the waist down, it was almost certain that he would never fly again.

However, after many ups and downs in his life, and thanks to a chance encounter with an influential friend, Lomberg is ready to fly again. This time though, it is an around-the-world trip for a good cause.

“The opportunity to participate as a pilot in the Handiflight RTW project is a way in which I hope to use my love for aviation, and the opportunities it has given me, to inspire other people to break down the barriers firstly in their own minds, and then in the minds of those around them about what is possible if one allows oneself to embrace the seemingly impossible,” he stated.

Lomberg will use to small aircraft he saved up for to fly over 80 000 kilometres, stopping in 40 countries, all in the name of raising awareness of inclusion for people who are deemed too disabled to pursue a career in aviation. We stan a hero.

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Corruption Watch braces for Google Impact Challenge global award

Since its inception, Corruption Watch has played an important role in tackling the issue of maladministration, mismanagement of public funds and corruption in South Africa’s government.

The hard work has finally paid off as the organisation has been selected as one of the 12 finalists that are up for a Google Impact Challenge award.

One of their standout projects that garnered the attention of the world’s biggest search engine is the Bua Mzansi – Know Your Police Station campaign.

This, according to Corruption Watch’s Phemelo Khaas, is an online tool that assists in creating a greater sense of transparency between the police services and the community.

“As of June 2018, Corruption Watch received over 24 000 reports of alleged corruption from across South
Africa. Police corruption comprised 6% of the total complaints received and is highlighted as a sectoral
hot spot for bribery and the abuse of power.

“Civil society, media reports and public sector bodies often paint a grim picture of the extent of police misconduct in South Africa. Institutions such as the Independent Policing Investigative Directorate recorded over 7 000 complaints from the public in 2017, indicating police misconduct such as torture, assault, rape etc.”.

This is definitely a groundbreaking tool that will assist in restoring the balance of power in our society. Those who would like to vote and contribute towards the funding of the project are encouraged to do so by visiting this page.