The Blyde, Pretoria, South Africa / Image via:

South Africa’s first clear-water lagoon is Pretoria’s new ‘beach’

Pretoria’s premiere oasis, featuring an eco-friendly clear-water lagoon.


The Blyde, Pretoria, South Africa / Image via:

Landlocked Pretoria just got a new ‘beach’ thanks to South Africa’s first clear-water lagoon.

It took Balwin Properties two years to make history in Sub-Saharan Africa, by constructing the first ‘beach’ of its kind. The Blyde, which officially opened on 8 September, is an exclusive housing estate in Pretoria East, which features 1.5-hectare clear-water lagoon.

Cost of construction

While it’s unlikely to replace the seasonal exodus to coastal hotspots, Pretoria’s new ‘beach’ and residential complex provides an unusual oasis for residents of The Blyde. The project, which was spearheaded in partnership with Crystal Lagoons in 2016, cost an estimated R4.2 billion to construct and is only accessible to residents of The Blyde.

While The Blyde’s lagoon is definitely the main attraction, other facilities include a restaurant, gym, spa, concierge, laundromat, and multi-purpose sports fields. Residents can enjoy swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing on the lagoon.

The Blyde Lagoon, construction / Photo via:
The Blyde Lagoon, construction / Photo via:

Environmental impact

The lagoon, which is equivalent to more than two rugby fields combined, promises to be an eco-friendly attraction. Alastair Sinclair, regional director at Crystal Lagoons, explains that the development uses less water than an average golf course, saying:

“Crystal Lagoons’ technology addresses the concerns around the use of water and the energy needed to maintain conventional swimming pools. Also, any type of water can be used – ground water, salt water and even brackish water are all suitable to fill a beach-like Lagoon.”

Water saving technology developed by scientist Fernando Fischmann, aims to reduce upkeeps costs and allow for the use of rainwater. Water evaporation has also been minimised thanks to micro-film technology.

Technology now available to other African countries

State of the art filtration systems also cut down on energy consumption, while still keeping the water crystal clear.

Sinclair states that the development is an ecological and scientific phenomenon which is just the first of many to be implemented across South Africa:

“We are delighted with the inauguration of this crystalline lagoon at the Blyde in Pretoria, as it will not only provide tremendous value to our partners, Balwin Properties, and the residents of this development, but it also means that our company’s technology is now present on all five continents.”

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