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Photo: Shalom Jacobovitz on Wikimedia Commons

South Africa doesn’t care about its surfing beaches – report

South Africa has been placed along with the likes of America, Australia, Indonesia, and Ireland as countries not doing enough to protect their beaches.

surfing SA

Photo: Shalom Jacobovitz on Wikimedia Commons

According to a research report by luxury surfing resort Kalon Surf, South Africa has been found to be one of the surf destinations around the world to be doing the least to protect its beaches against the effects of climate change.

Kalon Surf conducted the study, named Disappearing Beaches, to raise awareness about climate change, the negative effects it can have on the environment, and how those effects can start to negatively impact people’s lives.

The report looks at shoreline erosion, rising sea levels, flooding, and ocean acidification and compared it to data about what the country is doing to combat climate change, such as data on renewable energy, Paris Act compliance, and other energy initiatives.

Not enough being done to combat climate change

While it was noted that South Africa had made vague promises about reducing its reliance on coal in the past and reduce its carbon footprint, the reality is that not much is actually being done about it.

“South Africa is among the countries most affected by climate change, particularly drought and increased temperatures,” Kalon Surf said in a statement on the report.

“The country joined the Paris Climate Agreement and intends to have carbon-neutral electricity generation by 2050. However, the country is late to adopting climate change initiatives and is behind the pack of most other countries.

“The coastline and surf destinations will be among the hardest-hit areas, as ocean temperatures rise and fish stocks diminish.”

South Africa has a rich surfing tradition and is a world-renowned destination for surfing. It was rated among the world’s 50 best surf sports by CNN, listed in the Travel Channel’s top 10 world’s best surf destinations, and many others.

Worst performing surfing destinations

The following countries were found to not be doing much to combat the cause and effects of carbon emissions and climate change:

  • The United States
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland

While these countries were praised for their hard work in preserving their beaches:

  • Costa Rica
  • Morocco
  • Portugal
  • United Kingdom
  • Philippines

Additional information about the study can be found here.