Solving problems the legal way

Solving problems the legal way is “too complicated,” says Zuma

President Zuma believes that instead of turning to the courts, African problems should be solved in “an African way.” Wait… what?

Solving problems the legal way

Ok so while the South African public — and his own party — is baying for Zuma’s blood, the big man himself seems to want to discredit judicial processes in order to, well… one can only assume absolve himself somewhat?

El presidente was speaking to the National House of Traditional leaders saying:

“I’ll be very happy that we solve the African problems in the African way because if we solve them only legally they become too complicated. Law looks at one side only, they don’t look at any other thing.”

According to Zuma the courts “deal with cold facts and I was complaining about that, but they’re dealing with warm bodies. That’s the contradiction.”

Can’t even.