The Sahara desert covered in a

The Sahara desert covered in a blanket of snow [photos]

It is the third time in nearly 40 years that the Sahara Desert has seen snowfall. The people of the Algerian town of Ain Sefra (also known as “The Gateway to the Desert”) was pleasantly surprised at the rare sight on Sunday.

The Sahara desert covered in a

What a beautiful sight! In a region that typically suffers hot weather, snowfall is a rare sight. The people of northwestern Algeria was pleasantly surprised when they woke up with the rare sight of snowfall in the Sahara desert on Sunday.

According to Mashable, the Sahara desert has seen snow three times over the last couple of years. Snow fell on the Sahara last year and before that, the town of Ain Sefra saw snow way back in 1979, albeit for only half an hour.

In the summer the region experiences blisteringly hot weather exceeding temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius). When it cools down, the average low hits around 31.5 degrees Fahrenheit (-0.5 degrees Celsius).

The eastern U.S. is currently experiencing some cold weather, which some believe crossed the Atlantic, passed Morocco, and led to the recent snowfall in the Sahara.

Here are some pictures of the blanket of snow covering the Sahara desert:

It’s said that after a few hours, the snow began to melt because of the desert’s warm temperatures.

You can also watch a video uploaded on YouTube courtesy of Sekkouri Kamel, down here:

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