Siphiwe Mkhonza

Siphiwe Mkhonza
Image: @KaizerChiefs/X

Siphiwe Mkhonza: A Legacy of leadership and excellence

Siphiwe Mkhonza was a revered South African soccer icon, renowned for his prowess as a centre-back.

Siphiwe Mkhonza

Siphiwe Mkhonza
Image: @KaizerChiefs/X

In a somber disclosure, the family of Siphiwe Mkhonza has revealed the heartbreaking news of his passing, attributing it to a prolonged battle with kidney infection. This revelation casts a shadow of sadness across the sports world. Particularly within the realm of South African football, where Mkhonza held a revered status during its golden era. Despite his previous release from hospital care, the cherished former Kaizer Chiefs star ultimately lost his fight against an undisclosed illness. Leaving behind a palpable void in the hearts of many. The football community mourns the loss of a towering figure whose influence transcended the boundaries of the pitch.


Full NameSiphiwe Mkhonza 
Gender Male
Date of birth 2 January 1979 – 5 March 2024
Place of birth Springs, Gauteng
Age (At the time of publishing) 45 Years
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Nationality South African
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Black
Sexual orientation Straight
Partner  Ms Nondumiso Masengemi
Social media accounts Instagram


Siphiwe Ignatius Mkhonza, born on 2 January 1979 in Springs, Gauteng, spent his formative years in the vibrant football community of Kwa-Thema. Siphiwe’s upbringing was deeply intertwined with the sport. Heavily influenced by his father, Joseph Mkhonza, a respected figure in women’s soccer circles. From a young age, football immersed Siphiwe, where his potential shone brightly.

As per Swisherpost, educated initially at Thulisa Primary School and later at Kenneth Masekela Secondary School, Mkhonza’s academic and athletic journey began to intertwine. These early years laid the foundation for his future endeavours, propelling him towards a career in professional football. His upbringing in a football-centric environment, coupled with his dedication and talent. Set the stage for Mkhonza to leave an indelible mark on the South African football landscape.


Mkhonza, affectionately nicknamed “Dr Mnandi”, dedicated his career to the beautiful game, making his mark in South African football. Starting out with Bloemfontein Celtics in 1991, he quickly rose to prominence, captaining the team in his debut season at just 18. His journey in the sport saw him don the jerseys of various clubs including SuperSport United, AmaZulu, Maritzburg United, and Golden Arrows, but it was his time at Kaizer Chiefs that truly defined his legacy.

During his three-year stint with the Chiefs, Mkhonza showcased his prowess on the field, contributing significantly to the team’s successes. Notably, he played a pivotal role in securing the league title during the 2004–05 Premier Soccer League season. His stellar performances earned him recognition on the national stage, representing Bafana Bafana and earning seven international caps.

According to Sundayworld, following his time with Kaizer Chiefs, Mkhonza continued to ply his trade with SuperSport United, Maritzburg United, AmaZulu, and Black Leopards before ultimately retiring from professional football in 2012. Transitioning seamlessly into a broadcasting career, he brought his expertise to SABC. Providing insightful analysis and commentary to football fans across the nation.

Throughout his career, Mkhonza’s dedication to the sport and his infectious passion endeared him to fans and colleagues alike. His legacy lives on through his contributions both on and off the field. Leaving an indelible mark on South African football.


Mkhonza, affectionately known as “Dr Mnandi”, had battled kidney infections for an extended period, which according to his family statement, was the cause of his death. Seeking treatment, he spent time at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital in Johannesburg a month ago but left upon showing signs of improvement. Throughout his ordeal, his girlfriend, Ms Nondumiso Masengemi, who is also the mother of his three children has been a constant source of care and support at their home in Roodepoort.


Mkhonza’s social media presence was vibrant, particularly on Instagram where he shares insights beyond his engaging sports commentary. His Instagram account has attracted over 41.5K followers, showcasing his influence and popularity.