Gauteng Education Matome Chiloane and investigating Attorney Baitseng Rangata. Image:@EducationGP1

Deputy principal accused of homophobic bullying leading to 12 year old’s suicide

A deputy principle has been found guilty of ill-treatment, blasphemy and homophobic abuse leading to a learners suicide.


Gauteng Education Matome Chiloane and investigating Attorney Baitseng Rangata. Image:@EducationGP1

Investigations into the suicide of a Khehlekile Primary School grade six learner has revealed that the deputy principal’s homophobic utterances lead to the child’s death.

12 year old Sibusiso Mbatha hung himself in the outside toilet at his home on 23 October, while his family was inside the home.


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The finds were revealed by Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane and the investigating lawyers.

The probe by RB Rangata Attorneys has found fault in the deputy principal and three other educators( including the principle) failed in their duties in correctly handling the matter.

On the fatal day, the deputy principle following Mbatha’s altercation with another student, told him to ‘leave his gayness outside the school gate’.

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“The confirmed allegations suggested that the learner’s public reprimand due to their sexual orientation significantly contributed to their distress, highlighting a lack of due process and insensitivity across multiple parties at the school.” says attorney Baitseng Rangata.

Mbatha’s visibly distraught mother broke down while the Rangata read out the findings.

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Rangata recommended that the deputy principle be suspended and face a disciplinary hearing ‘for alleged ill-treatment, blasphemy and homophobic abuse’.

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The principle has been accused of trying to protect his deputy by not reporting the matter to the School Governing Body (SGB) and solely relying on written statements by the head of department and two other teachers(including his class teacher).

“Due to their flawed handling and failure to follow reporting processes be charged and undergo disciplinary hearings.”

Trauma counselling has also been advised for family, friends and classmates.