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#SiamLee: Chilling voice note played during bail hearing of accused [audio]


Siam Lee


The mysterious disappearance of 21-year-old Siam Lee and the discovery of her burnt body in a sugar cane plantation continues to reveal shocking details.

The man accused of her murder is currently applying for bail. He cannot be named yet, but the details that have emerged so far are absolutely grim.

This week, a recording was played by the defence team in court during the bail hearing. The defence team claims the recording features private investigator Brad Nathanson telling his colleague, Shaun Brits, about the accused. It features this line.

“Oke’s not a dealer. He’s just a f******* serial rapist.”

Nathanson was part of the team that arrested the accused earlier this year.

The recording’s authenticity is yet to be proven, but the defence argues that it is proof the accused was tortured into a confession as the voice on the clip is heard saying the accused confessed to another rape while “wearing a KFC packet.”

The accused has previously claimed he was coerced into confessing to the murder of Lee.

The voice on the recording is also heard saying:

“Ja, he’s a prolific serial rapist and we got him with an unlicensed firearm, the same firearm he’s been using to lure the girls away or keep them under pressure and he also uses police handcuffs.”

What do we know about the accused?

He is an Assagay businessman who faces a raft of charges. These include the murder and kidnapping of Lee and the rape of another woman. Police are also investigating a number of cases of alleged fraud, according to reports.

The court also heard this week that the man accused of the murder allegedly kept “trophies” of his victims as the bail hearing went into its tenth day. None of these have been found yet, though.

He has been in custody for four months.

The bail application was adjourned to 8 June for the state to re-examine the defence and present further arguments.

Listen: Chilling voice note played during bail hearing of Sam Lee’s murder accused

WARNING: Audio not suitable for sensitive listeners.