Shoprite to host “Africa’s biggest cleanup” later this month

Find a cleanup near you and get involved!


Mandela Day is around the corner and that means its time for us all to go out and do our bit. For Shoprite, they’re hoping you will spend your 67 minutes taking part in one of their many cleanups across the country.

Shoprite cleanup: A difference all across the continent

The Shoprite Group will be staging the “biggest cleanup in Africa” with plans for over 6000 people to be involved across nine countries.

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The clean-ups will take place from 14-18 July and will be divided up into 500 different events to remove waste from communities.

“The Group hopes to launch a movement of active citizens who act for change by cleaning and keeping clean public areas. Plastic waste is putting the environment under considerable pressure with the equivalent of a garbage truck of plastic being dumped into our oceans every minute,” Shoprite said in a statement.

Shoprite is also looking to highlight how South Africa is at risk of running out of landfill space in the next few years. As a result, recycling is “central” to the initiative.

Individuals are given the opportunity to host a cleanup of their own in a specific area. Shoprite then logs all the various cleanup details on Looking to host or find a cleanup near you? Simply visit the site and enter an area of your choosing.

“Cleanup organisers are encouraged to partner with local recyclers or wastepickers to ensure that most of what is collected gets recycled. With this focus the retailer aims to highlight the business opportunities available through the recycling of paper, glass, plastic and other material.”

On the website, cleanup organisers are given guidelines on what their duties are as hosts, how to market their event and what to do on the day and after the cleanup. Participants are also encouraged to share their experience on social media.

Shoprite and Checkers currently utilise 100% recycled plastic bags. 60% of the packing used for fruit and vegetables in the store is “widely recyclable in South Africa”.

Go on, get involved.