Shoprite and Checkers car licence renewals costs.

Gauteng licensing centre corruption exposed. Image: @TrafficRTMC / Twitter

Shoprite and Checkers car licence renewal COSTS

Shoprite Group is providing South African motorists with substantial savings on vehicle licence renewals for a limited time.

Shoprite and Checkers car licence renewals costs.

Gauteng licensing centre corruption exposed. Image: @TrafficRTMC / Twitter

Shoprite Group is rolling out a limited-time offer. That brings substantial savings to South African motorists seeking to renew their motor vehicle licences.

Starting from 1 November and running until 31 January, the cost of renewing a licence through this particular channel is set at a wallet-friendly R185. This represents a significant discount when compared to the fees imposed in various regions of South Africa.

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Providing relief to consumers

Jean Olivier, the general manager of financial services at Shoprite Group, expressed the importance of providing relief to consumers facing the challenges of soaring living costs. In a press release, he emphasized the goal of reducing car license renewal costs. And also streamlining the process to be as hassle-free as possible, achievable in just a few straightforward steps.

“With soaring living costs, times are tough for consumers. We hope to provide some relief by reducing the cost of car licence renewals and providing a hassle-free process that can be completed in just a few easy steps,” said Olivier.

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It’s crucial to note that the R185 fee covers administrative and delivery charges. However, it’s essential for motorists to be aware that penalties will be charged separately. Any additional fees that may be applicable will be calculated once the renewal process commences.

The breakdown of the licence renewal costs at Shoprite Group

For those curious about the breakdown of costs, the admin fee for online renewal stands at R110.25, with an additional delivery fee of R74.75. In total, the fees come to R185. It’s important to remember that your actual licence fee and potential penalties are variable and will be provided at the time of the quote.

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This Shoprite initiative not only eases the financial burden on motorists but also simplifies the renewal process. Making it more accessible and convenient during a time when every bit of savings counts.

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Customers will be able to renew their vehicle licence online and pay online or in person for a discounted fee of R185.