shepherd bushiri

Photo: Twitter / Shepherd Bushiri

Two women accuse ‘prophet’ Shepherd Bushiri of rape

The women, whose identities have been withheld, have told similar stories about their encounters with the pastor

shepherd bushiri

Photo: Twitter / Shepherd Bushiri

Controversial pastor Shepherd Bushiri could soon find himself back in court, this time to face charges of rape.

Two women have detailed their own individual encounters with Bushiri, who leads the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church.

In an interview with Etv, one of the alleged victims, who had attended the church said she noticed how the self-proclaimed prophet would stare at her during his sermons. She was then informed by a church elder that he wanted to meet with her in a hotel for a prayer session.

Accuser: Bushiri ‘took off the clothes and raped me’

The woman told the channel that when she arrived in the hotel room, she knelt down and wept. Bushiri then insisted on hugging and kissing her, which she refused.

“I’m like no you can’t do this to me. You are married. He said, I don’t care, I shouldn’t worry about that. I was like no I can’t. That’s when from there he touched me here (forehead) so that’s when I manifested, I don’t know I was under the power. That I don’t even know. So from there he took off the clothes then he raped me”, she told the broadcaster.

The woman said Bushiri then threw the clothes back at her and told her to quickly get dressed as people were coming. She alleges he then gave her R5 000.

In a similar story, another woman who was interviewed, said she and her cousin were invited for a special sermon.

“He texted my phone and we started talking. From then he said we should get time to meet for coffee. We talked and studied the bible”, the woman said.

She then said Bushiri suggested they meet at a hotel, where she found the ‘Man of God’ naked. He asked her to take off her clothes, which she did.

“I didn’t know what to do. That’s when he came up to me and everything happened. And then after that, he told me to take out R5K out of the drawer, to go book myself another room”, the woman said.

Both women have laid charges against the pastor with the police.

Bushiri already finds himself in legal trouble as he and his wife stand accused of fraud and money laundering to the tune of R19 million.

The couple appeared before the Pretoria High Court in July where the matter was postponed to 16 October 2020.

He is not the only man of the cloth accused of sexual abuse as Nigerian-born pastor Timothy Omotoso is on trial for close to 100 charges including human trafficking, rape and racketeering.