Shashi Naidoo

Shashi Naidoo: Model announces decision to take “educational” trip to Palestine [video]

She has vowed to educate herself after her comments.

Shashi Naidoo

South African model Shashi Naidoo found herself in the middle of a storm of backlash after comments she made about Gaza, Palestine and Israel. She publically apologised but is now looking to go one step further.

In her original comments, the model and TV personality referred to Gaza as a “shithole” in an Instagram post. Naidoo quickly offered a tearful apology and claimed that the comments she had made were “copy and pasted” from a post she found.

The comments claimed that Palestinians teach their children to hate Jewish people and are “financially rewarded for murdering” Israeli citizens.

Naidoo has since seen two of her sponsors ditch her and received constant death threats over the last few days.

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On Wednesday, Naidoo held a joint press conference with BDS South Africa. The group works to promote awareness of Israeli human rights violations and calls for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.

Naidoo approached BDS of her own accord and showed them the trail of messages that showed how and why she copy pasted the comments without reading.

The two parties discussed a way forward and Naidoo agreed to go on an “educational” trip to Palestine with the SA Council of Churches.

A further apology was made while BDS officials condemned the “vicious” attacks against the model.

Naidoo and her mother will accompany BDS and the council to Palestine and will pay their own costs for the trip.

The SA Council of Churches also insisted that it will showcase “both sides” to Naidoo so she can see what Israel and Palestine are about.

Naidoo also explained that she is not swinging from being pro-Israel to pro-Palestine but is ready to call out injustice as she sees it.