Longwe Twala Senzo Meyiwa trial

Kelly Khumalo, Senzo Meyiwa and Longwe Twala.
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Longwe Twala shot Senzo Meyiwa and ran away, court hears

Longwe Twala shot Senzo Meyiwa and ran away from the scene. This is according to one of the affidavits deposed by Tumelo Madlala.

Longwe Twala Senzo Meyiwa trial

Kelly Khumalo, Senzo Meyiwa and Longwe Twala.
Images: Facebook and X.

When the proceedings in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial resumed on Monday, 14 November, the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria heard that music producer Sello ‘Chicco’ Twala’s son Longwe shot the soccer star and ran away.

This was revealed by defence counsel for accused 1 – 4 Timothy Thobane while reading an affidavit that State witness and Meyiwa’s close friend Tumelo Madlala had deposed.


Timothy Thobane continued with the cross-examination of Tumelo Madlala and read a statement that the witness had deposed wherein he names the individual who according to him killed Senzo.

“I was for the first time to see Longwe Twala and I did not tell anyone or the Meyiwa family that Senzo was killed by Longwe Twala because he did not have a firearm with him instead he ran away,” the statement read.

When questioned about who had asked him whether or not Longwe was carrying a firearm and if he shot Senzo, Madlala could not answer and said of the many statements he deposed not a single one of them was written by him.

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Social media users have alleged that Longwe Twala is the one who shot Meyiwa and that Chicco is shielding him from going to jail. Many theories have surfaced, especially since the Netflix documentary Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star, debuted.

In an interview earlier this year Chicco said his son Longwe, singer Kelly Khumalo and others who were present when Meyiwa was murdered “know the truth” about who killed the soccer star in 2014.

The producer said he wasn’t present like the other eight people, which include his son. He received a call from Kelly Khumalo after the murder and then only went to assist. 

“My son, Kelly Khumalo and the others who were present know the truth. Someone cannot be shot in their presence and they are all silent about it. They know who killed Senzo; my son knows, Kelly knows and everyone else who was there knows.

“I must be excluded, I was not there and I am not part of it. I have said it before as well that I am not going to protect my son; if he is the murderer trust me I will come out in support of all the people who want the perpetrators to be jailed. I will never protect him.” 

Sello ‘Chicco’ Twala

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