Security guard stops hijacking

Security guard stops hijacking and saves three lives

A security guard, who stumbled across a hijacking, saved the lives of three others.

Security guard stops hijacking

A Fidelty security guard has made headlines after he stopped a hijacking by chance. Christopher Nicholson was returning from Pretoria on Monday when he stumbled across some suspicious activity.

“We stopped at a red traffic light and I saw a white BMW stop behind a blue Mercedes. An armed man jumped from the BMW and ran to the front passenger side of the Mercedes, opened the door and shot at the driver,” Christopher told Kormorant.

He reacted immediately, shooting at the armed suspect and hitting him in the neck. The wounded hijacker made his way back to the BMW and the vehicle sped off. Nicholson shot at the vehicle and hit the front tyre. The victims in the Mercedes were fine, with the bullet from the assailant missing them and exiting through the windscreen.

The story doesn’t stop there, though. In what sounds like something out of a B-Grade action flick, a suspicious vehicle was called in later that day and it turned out to be the abandoned BMW. The vehicle had been stolen during an armed robbery in Pretoria. The body of the suspect who was shot was later found and police are still searching for the men who got away.