schools fake teacher mpumalanga

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Schools latest: South African classrooms face ‘desperate’ situation

A national teachers union has warned that schools are desperate for teachers since the education department has not replaced retired staff.

schools fake teacher mpumalanga

Photo: Unsplash

The National Professional Teachers’ Organisation of South Africa has raised concern about the “desperate” staffing situation in schools in KwaZulu-Natal.

“The situation in the schools is desperate. There are no teachers  in schools from as far back as January 2021,” NAPTOPSA CEO, Thirona Moodley said.

“Teachers who have retired have not been replaced. The department’s commitment to a teacher in every class has no meaning anymore. There are hundreds of vacancies that the department has failed to fill,” Moodley said. 

She said NAPTOSA had engaged with the department requesting the actual number of vacancies that remain unfilled, and it had not provided the information. 

“NAPTOSA did raise this again with the consultation with MEC on the staffing of schools for 2022 and we were told to focus on 2022 not 2021. Schools will never be properly staffed for 2022 if 2021 is used as a baseline. The staffing of schools is determined by the MEC through the issuing of a Post Provisioning Norms (PPN) certificate.

“The department is bound by this certificate and compelled to provide teachers accordingly. The Department has failed to fulfill this legal obligation this year,” Moodley said.

She said the department had not provided substitutes for educators who had now retired. 

“The Department has not communicated with the schools that they will not be providing substitutes while these schools live in hope that teachers will be provided. The situation requires intervention of the Department of Basic Education,” Moodley said.

Schools have experienced cluster outbreaks of the Covid-19 virus in recent months, which has caused disruptions to learning and teaching. In some cases parents have also been reluctant to send children back to the classroom because of their concerns about contracting the virus.