Sbusiso Mahlangu

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Sbusiso Mahlangu faked his death to claim policy

Another Thabo Bester-Dr. Nandipha pair who are in trouble with the law as a result of a life insurance scam is Sbusiso Mahlangu and Lerato.

Sbusiso Mahlangu

Image by pexels

Sbusiso Mahlangu and his co-accused wife, Lerato Mahlangu appeared in Soshanguve Magistrate’s Court on Thursday for murder.

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It is suspected that the two murdered a man and then burnt him in their home in Soshanguve Block HH, the accused and his wife, Lerato Mahlangu, are accused of premeditated murder, obstructing the course of justice, and fraud.

Lerato Mahlangu and Sbusiso Mahlangu: The murderous couple

The man they are accused of brutally killing is Sibusiso Sithebe.

According to Scrolls.Africa Sibusiso Sithebe (deceased) was the father of Lerato Mahlangu daughter. He, however, moved on after Lerato got married to Sbusiso Mahlangu. He later dated Lerato Mphefo, whom he had two children with at the time of his death.

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It is further alleged that the wife, Lerato Mahlangu, obtained a fraudulent death certificate from the Department of Home Affairs, claiming that her husband, Sibusiso, died in the fire and later claimed life policies.

Lerato Mahlangu allegedly pocketed millions of rands out of Sithebe’s death.

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Speaking to Scrolla.Africa outside Soshanguve Magistrates Court, Lerato Mphefo, who was the girlfriend and a mother to two of the deceased children, said she knows Sbusiso Mahlangu killed the father of her children.

“I know they killed him to get the money. But why couldn’t they just give me the body so that I could bury him?”

“How will I tell his children that this is how their father died?”

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The couple was apprehended on 20 April after Sibusiso Mahlangu was found driving a stolen car, upon his arrest, it was discovered that he was registered as the deceased Sbusiso Sithebe.

The two accused to appear in court again

“Sbusiso Mahlangu and Lerato Mahlangu will be appearing on 29 May 2023 for the Hammanskraal matter at Hammanskraal Magistrates’ Court.

“However, for the murder case, the matter was remanded to 18 May 2023, for a formal bail application,” reported Tsa Pitori Magazine after the accused court case on Thursday, 4 May.