sassa payment dates november

SASSA gold cards will remain valid beyond December 2023. Image: Flickr

SASSA gold cards set to EXPIRE – here is what you must know

Government grant recipients should renew their Sassa gold cards by 31 December 2023, as the renewal process is underway.

sassa payment dates november

SASSA gold cards will remain valid beyond December 2023. Image: Flickr

Recipients of government grants are being urged to update their SASSA gold cards before their expiration date on 31 December 2023. The renewal process has already commenced.

Sandy Godlwana, the Communication and Marketing Officer at SASSA in KwaZulu-Natal, has initiated a campaign to remind individuals about the need to renew their payment cards.

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She mentioned that their outreach efforts extend to various locations, such as stores, markets, churches, and other places with high foot traffic.

It’s important to note that there are multiple avenues to receive government grants, including the Post Office, banks, and retail stores.

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Process of transition from the post office to banks

“For those who wish to transition from the Post Office to banks, a form needs to be completed and returned to the nearest SASSA office or sent via email to

“Additionally, a bank letter confirming the individual’s bank account is required. Stamped copies should be included when submitting forms by email. The necessary form can be found on the SASSA website” she said.

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Godlwana recommended that individuals seeking to receive grants from banks should visit SASSA offices before the 20th of each month. Those who have already completed the transition forms are advised not to discard their payment cards at the post office until their allowances have been successfully deposited into their bank accounts.

SASSA gold cards valid until 31 December

It’s worth noting that, for now, the cards remain valid but will expire on 31 December 2023. Recipients are reminded that they can access their allowances at the Post Office, bank ATMs, and retail stores.

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