SASSA advertising for JOB VACA

SASSA advertising for JOB VACANCIES

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) have announced their job vacancies through their website. Here’s where and how to apply.

SASSA advertising for JOB VACA

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) have announced their job vacancies through their website. If you’ve ever wanted to work for a government agency, this could be your chance at a governmental job – and they’re advertising for jobs in almost all of SA’s nine provinces.

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Here’s where to find authentic job vacancy advertisements for the SA Social Security Agency, and how to avoid any of the job scams online right now.

SASSA is advertising

The Social Security Agency is advertising for jobs on their website.

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Some of the available posts include managers and floor staff, which require different qualifications as each job application mentions.

Several of South Africa’s provinces are covered in this list, including Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng.

SASSA job applications

Official SASSA job vacancies can be found at the link below:

If you want to apply for a job, check the listing carefully to make sure that you have everything necessary to apply. You may require documents like your ID, proof of address, and CV in order to apply for the job.

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Do not trust any other links that claim you can apply for a job at SASSA.

Beware of job SCAMS on the rise

The SA Social Security Agency have also used their website to warn against the presence of job-related scams. Do not trust anyone or any website who claims that you can apply for a job at the agency – job applications will only be posted through official channels and verified government websites.

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Unfortunately, an increase in job scams means that there are many scammers who are just after your information or personal details. In some cases, job applicants even walk into worse scams and have their money or belongings stolen when showing up.

Only apply for jobs through the link given below in the article. This is where they post their job vacancies, and the channel through which you can apply.