SASSA advertising for JOB VACA

SASSA advertising for JOB VACANCIES

SASSA is advertising job vacancies on their website. Here’s where to find real SASSA jobs, and what their requirements are from you.

SASSA advertising for JOB VACA

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is advertising for job vacancies on their webiste.

Interships are available for some of South Africa’s provinces. If you’ve ever wanted to work for a government agency with an acronym, now is your chance.

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Jobs at SASSA are advertised directly on their webpage. If you receive any other details about a job that claims to be from the same agency, you might be dealing with a scammer!

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Here’s where to find real job ads, and what the agency is looking for in possible candidates.

SASSA advertising for job vacancies

All job vacancies are advertised through the SASSA website.

Available jobs will appear on the page as it gets updated with new jobs.

The official link for vacancies at the agency is:

 Click on the link to view the different available jobs, and their individual requirements. Although many other websites claim to host national government jobs, most are scams: only apply for a job with the agency through official websites that you can verify.

What jobs are available at SASSA?

The page for available jobs at SASSA lists different vacancies.

Please note: the page will be updated with time, so check back often to see if more job vacancies have opened up in your province!

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Each advertisement links to a separate page, which tells you the individual requirements for each job. Applications will require your CV, usually sent to the address listed in the ad.

According to the page, SASSA is seeking nternships for Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, North-West, and the Free State. Some positions are also listed for the Western Cape.

Beware of fake job posts

Job applications are valid through the official website link in this article.

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There are many scammers who claim to have jobs at government agencies or departments: if your application isn’t made through an official government channel, then you can’t be sure about it.

“Fake” jobs list salaries that are almost too good to be true, ask for all your personal information, and might even lead you into danger.

Apply for jobs at official sites to make sure that you’re dealing with a REAL job vacancy.