Sasha Martinengo

(Sasha Martinengo / Twitter)

Sasha Martinengo: Disgraced DJ caught up in race row just six weeks ago

It’s been a day to forget for Hot 91.9 FM DJ Sasha Martinengo. In fact, his trial by social media has been going on since August.

Sasha Martinengo

(Sasha Martinengo / Twitter)

Sasha Martinengo has dug himself into the mother of all holes after he referred to Julius Malema as a “monkey” live on air. However, it’s not the first time in the last six weeks he’s had to fight racism allegations.

The Hot 91.9 FM host came under fire in August after one his fellow DJs and performers – Mario Viegas – went on an expletive-laden tirade against black South Africans on social media. Martinengo was forced to distance himself from the posts, as the pair had previously shared a close friendship.

Viegas made a name for himself in the 1990s and early noughties, going down as one of South Africa’s most well-known disc-jockeys. He shared a bill with Martinengo as recently as June 2018, during the SA DJ Legends tour.

His rant came as a massive shock to SA music fans, as it hit the headlines at the height of Adam Catzavelos’ now-infamous K-word tirade. Martinengo was quick to put daylight between himself and Viegas, though:

However, it’s now Sasha’s turn to be chastised for racially-divisive comments. He moved on to the topic of gender equality and referred to comments made by the EFF leader during his show on Tuesday.

Disagreeing with the views of Malema, he responded with the phrase “and people still listen to this monkey…” while dismissing his point of view.

Within three hours, Martinengo had lost his job. He was fired by the station who removed him with immediate effect, before issuing an apology to the commander-in-chief.

However, if you thought an apology would be enough to keep the EFF chief happy, think again. The red berets shared a statement on Tuesday afternoon, lamenting the language used by the DJ. The party also revealed they’d be pressing charges against the host.

“The EFF is not satisfied with [the] firing of this DJ. We will, through our branches, be opening a criminal case against him because racists belong in jail.”