SAPS Sea Point

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SAPS Sea Point instructed to police Promenade exercising

SAPS Sea Point has been instructed to ensure regulations regarding the exercise window are adhered to at the Promenade.

SAPS Sea Point

Photo: Twitter

Ward Councillor for Sea Point in Cape Town, Nicola Jowell has warned residents who are making use of the Promenade for their allowed morning exercise to adhere to lockdown regulations.

Jowell advised that South African Police Service provincial management had been sent multiple videos of the Promenade crowded with people many of whom were not wearing masks of any kind. 

As a result of the sensation, SAPS Sea Point has been instructed to ensure regulations regarding the exercise window are adhered to at the popular jogging and outdoor exercise locale.

“Residents of Sea Point have sent SAPS Provincial Management videos of the activities on the Promenade this morning.

“The busy use of the public spaces is not just the Prom but all similar spaces across the city this morning,” Jowell said in a Facebook post.

Opposition parties have asked the government to consider extending the exercise period to avoid unnecessary congestion in some areas. 

Level 4 lockdown: Joggers, cyclists flock to exercise hot-spots – photos

Under the terms of level four of the lockdown you may walk, jog or cycle between 6:00 and 9:00 in the morning but you can only go somewhere within 5km of home. Jowell clarified that people were not allowed to drive to another location to exercise. 

SAPS Sea Point to enforce no driving rule

SAPS Sea Point will be asked to ensure that people are not driving to the Promenade or any other location to exercise. They will also be tasked with enforcing the mandatory wearing of masks and social distancing protocols.

“SAPS advised that under no circumstances may you drive to the Promenade (or any other place) to do your exercise, “Jowell added. 

“The 5km radius starts on foot/bike from your home.

“The Provincial Command has therefore instructed Sea Point SAPS to enforce the no driving, use of masks and check the social distancing.”

The ward councillor reminded residents of Sea Point that swimming in the ocean or public baths was strictly prohibited under the terms of the National Disaster Management Act.

Jowell commended residents for rounding off their exercise and getting off the streets by 09:00 quite well.

“Ensuring that everyone is [finished] and home by 09:00 was actually generally very well adhered to this morning.”

The councillor advised residents that she was simply conveying a message communicated to her by SAPS provincial management. All lockdown regulations are handed down by the national council set up by President Cyril Ramaphosa to guide South Africa through the ongoing global health crisis.