SAPS Bheki Cele Level 3 Alcohol Ban

Photo: Flickr / GovernmentZA

SAPS Crime Statistics: Now Cele slams alcohol abuse, again

‘Some communities have more taverns as compared to any other establishment’ – police minister Bheki Cele on alcohol and SAPS crime data

SAPS Bheki Cele Level 3 Alcohol Ban

Photo: Flickr / GovernmentZA

Police Minister Bheki Cele has again lambasted alcohol abuse as a major cause of violence in SA communities and the “albatross” around the neck of the SAPS when he released the latest crime statistics for the first quarter of 2021 on Friday.

He called on the liquor industry to assist with the implementation of social responsibility programmes to combat rampant alcohol abuse.

“The prevalence of violence in our communities is growing to unacceptable proportions. While all cases of assault have decreased by over 9% There were still over 75 000 cases of common assault and assault GBH opened with the police between January and March this year,” Cele said.

Cele said that in 2855 incidents of Assault GBH the SAPS had confirmed that alcohol had been consumed either by the victim or the perpetrator, or both parties. 

Some 2047 incidents of Assault GBH took place at either a bar, a night club, a tavern or a shebeen. 

“This doesn’t exclude alcohol being present in parks, beaches and other places of entertainment. The Gauteng and Western Cape provinces recorded the highest assault cases,” Cele said.

He said 16 528 incidents of assaults both common and grievous bodily harm were domestic related, which means the victim and perpetrator knew each other.

“Alcohol abuse is the ‘albatross around ones neck’ for us in the SAPS and certainly for the communities we serve. Again, communities can no longer afford to stand aside and look, they have to be part of the crime solution, by saying no to alcohol abuse,” Cele said.

“Some communities have more taverns as compared to any other establishment, in their area of residence, including churches and schools combined. You simply cannot expect those communities to have social stability, due to the over supply of liqour,” he said.

“It is on this score that we call upon the alcohol industry to also be part of the solution and offer social responsibility programmes in this regard.” Read the full crime statistics here.