Sandra Moonsamy

Sandra Moonsamy / Image via Facebook:
Brad Nathanson Investigations

Cops no closer to solving the kidnapping of Sandra Moonsamy

Durban-based private investigator, Brad Nathanson, has been called off the case.

Sandra Moonsamy

Sandra Moonsamy / Image via Facebook:
Brad Nathanson Investigations

Sandra Moonsamy, the daughter of a Durban transport and logistics tycoon, is still missing after being kidnapped two weeks ago.

On 30 May, mid-afternoon, Moonsamy left her workplace, Crossmoor Transport, in Pinetown. The mother of two, unaware of the dangers which awaited her, would not reach home in Westville. The black Range Rover she commandeered was forced off the road and riddled with bullets.

The kidnapping of Sandra Moonsamy

Eyewitnesses confirmed the horrifying events which took place that fateful day on Stapleton Road:

“Several African males in a silver VW Golf, a white hatchback BWM & a bakkie forced the businesswoman off the road.

They then fired shots at the driver’s window when she locked herself in. Other suspects damaged the left window with the butt of a firearm and forced her out. She was then pushed into a vehicle driven away.”

Private security officers, working for Reaction Unit SA, attempted to intercept the attackers but were forced to retreat when fired upon. Shortly after 18:00, Moonsamy’s vehicle was recovered from the scene by South African Police Service (SAPS) investigators.

In the days immediately following the kidnapping of Sandra Moonsamy, investigators were hopeful for the 40-year-old’s safe return. South Africa’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, better known as The Hawks, were brought in to oversee the recovery effort.

Spokesperson, Captain Simphiwe Mhlongo, announced that Moonsamy’s cellphone signal had been tracked to an area south of Durban and that law enforcement was following up on all leads.

Graphic by The African News Agency (ANA)

Sandra Moonsamy cellphone signal lost, leads go cold

Early optimism was, however, dashed when the cellphone signal went dead – indicating that Moonsamy’s device had either been switched off or destroyed. Other premature leads also dried up and the family, growing more concerned about the wellness of Moonsamy, employed some rescue measures of their own.

Moonsamy’s father and owner of Crossmoor Transport, Poonsamy Naicker, announced that there was a handsome reward in store for any information which would lead to the successful recovery of his daughter. Furthermore, Durban-based private investigator, Brad Nathanson, was employed by the family to aid in the location efforts.

Despite the Hawks, Nathanson and a hefty reward, no reliable information relating to Moonsamy’s whereabouts or wellbeing have been corroborated. Her vicious disappearance remains a mystery.

Early reports indicated that the kidnappers had made contact with the family and demanded ransom for Moonsamy’s release. The family, law enforcement and Nathanson have rubbished such reports. The Hawks’ Mhlongo went further to say that the erroneous misinformation had hindered investigative efforts.

False ransom demands

False reports emanated from an email which was sent to various news agencies across the country. The email, which was purportedly from Moonsamy’s kidnappers, stated:

“We have given you time and more time and more time. You are in no position to make any demand – and as such it has been ignored.

Here is the final demand; if you fail at this it will be seriously clear that your interest does not lie in getting her home. So for the last time here is our demand: 30 Bitcoins (R3.45 million) to be transferred to a Bitcoin address.

This is a 12-hour warning. You have 12 hours (to respond); failure to which we will cease communication and dispose of the dead weight we now have.”

The email, which was received last week, was blasted by investigators as further ‘false information’.

More recently, Nathanson was removed from the investigative efforts after working ‘around the clock’ to ensure Moonsamy’s safe return. Speaking to The Post, Nathanson said:

“I received an email from the family on Monday, stating that they no longer needed my assistance because they have enough police working on the case.”

Nathanson confirmed that Moonsamy’s whereabouts were still unknown.

Crossmoor Transport

Crossmoor Transport, the multimillion-rand logistics company, is a Naicker family business. Moonsamay’s father, Poonsamay, is the Group CEO, with her brothers, Alvin and Inderan, heading-up the plant and bulk divisions, respectively.

Sandra Moonsamay’s mother, Luchtmee, leads the company’s finance department.

According to the company’s website, Crossmoor, founded 45 years ago, focuses extensively on the logistics and road rehabilitation sectors.